UBE Explosives Licences

Formerly known as red, blue, or black ticket.

Courses that are offered by Terrock:
  • Starter Course (Safe Handling and Safe Use of Explosives - SHSU)
  • UBE Renewal Course
  • Practical and Oral assessment of Shotfirers, Underground, Quarry & Surface mining

Starter Course Description

Safe Handling and Safe Use of Explosives is an accredited course which will instruct participants in the characteristics of explosives and the safe and efficient methods of handling, using and transporting explosives.

This course has been designed for persons who wish to apply for Licences to Use Explosives issued under the authority of the Dangerous Goods Act and the relevant mine and quarry legislations. It is an Approved Course under the Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 2011, and the mines and quarry regulations.

The course is organised and conducted by experienced blasting engineers, specialising in blast design, analysis and the environmental effects of blasting.

Theoretical sessions include instruction in:

  • Applicable blasting and explosives regulations
  • Commercial explosives and accessories
  • Storage and transport of explosives
  • Deterioration and disposal of explosives
  • Charging and firing explosives
  • Handling misfires

Practical sessions will cover necessary safety procedures, and blasthole priming & loading. During these sessions the safe disposal of detonators and other explosives is demonstrated.

Course Details

Contact us before proceeding with your application.

Course Duration Cost Application Form
Starter Course
Safe Handling and Safe Use of Explosives
4 days $2,250 (GST Exempt) per person Starter Course (PDF)
UBE Renewal Course
For eligibility contact the course coordinator
1 day Contact Coordinator UBE Renewal Course (PDF)
Practical and Oral assessment of Shotfirers, Underground, Quarry & Surface mining 1 day Contact Coordinator Practical and Oral Assessment (PDF)

Course Dates

  • The next course is scheduled to run from 5th to 8th March 2019
  • All courses can be run by arrangement, please contact our Coordinator if this service is needed
  • Course Dates can vary depending on demand

How to apply

  • Please contact us before proceeding with your application
  • Complete the required application form available from download from the table above
  • Applications must include:
  • Send your application by (Recommended) or Mail
  • We will contact you when we have received your application to arrange for payment. Contact us if you have sent your application and have not received a response

Important Information

  • Travelling, accommodation and explosive licence fees are additional costs that must be met by the applicant
  • To comply with the Dangerous Goods Explosive Regulations, participants must be at least 18 years of age
  • Applicants will be required to undergo an ASIO security clearance prior to the granting of any explosives licence
  • Participants should wear protective clothing for the field exercises that meet the requirements of Victorian quarry legislation.

Further Information

  • WorkSafe Victoria
  • For applicants from other states, please contact us for further information.