Blast Vibration Monitoring

bridge monitoring Terrock provides a complete monitoring and analysis service. This service includes the monitoring of vibration levels at all necessary sensitive locations, control of vibration levels during the work period if necessary, analysis of vibration levels measured, complete report detailing levels of vibration monitored, wavetraces and/or histograms of vibration at monitor stations, confirmation of compliance with necessary limits or regulations.

Terrock staff are expert in vibration monitoring and the human response to vibration and will happily talk to concerned neighbours about vibration matters if necessary.

Terrock maintains a fleet of vibration monitoring equipment for vibration control, assessment and analysis. This equipment is suitable for many industrial applications including blasting activities, pile driving, compacting works, drilling equipment etc. Much of this equipment is available for hire including vibration monitors and vibration alarms which are equipped with a beacon and siren that activates when vibration exceeds a set level. Terrock can provide hands-on training in the use of all equipment and applicable software.

Terrock's equipment includes low frequency microphones to record and analyse overpressure from blasting. Terrock's blast monitoring services include monitoring, authentication of airblast results and airblast regulation compliance management.

All of Terrock's vibration monitoring equipment complies with AS2187 specifications. Annual calibration certificates for vibration monitors are available if required.

For more information and advice, please refer to our Monitor Hire Terms & Conditions or contact us.